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Seventh Fleet Band, 1986-87

Seventh Fleet Band
USS Blue Ridge
Yokosuka, Japan

Leo Leary, trombone (Leo H. Leary)
Mike Pesses, french horn

  • (Michael Pesses)
  • (Mike Burch-Pesses)
  • (Michael Burch-Pesses)
  • (Thomas M. Pesses)
  • (Thomas Michael Burch-Pesses)
  • Note: LCDR Pesses was far more decisive than this entry seems to suggest - -

    Assistant Leader:
    Jimmy Cabralda (James Cabralda)

    Other CPOs:
    Frank Mullen, piano
    Tony Tessitore, saxophone
    Kim Holl, drums

    Tom Burkett
    John Engleman, saxophone
    Keith Gardner, trombone
    Richard Kawamura, trumpet
    Jimmy Lamb, trumpet (James Lamb)
    Walt Larkins, trumpet (Walter Larkins)
    George McClinchy, saxophone
    Steve Parent, trumpet
    Dave Schilling, bass
    Bob Stibbe, guitar
    Tom Wholly, piano
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Navy Band Newport, 1982-85

Navy Band Newport, 1982-1985
Naval Education and Training Center
Newport, RI

Tex Waldron, trombone. (Elliott Waldron)
Terry Chesson, saxophone (Terrence J. Chesson)

Assistant LeaderKen Davenport, trombone, baritone horn.

Other CPOs:
Mike King, drums. (Michael J. King)
Mike Beegle, saxophone
Mike Alverson, vocalist. (J. Michael Alverson)
Rick Fowler, trumpet

Diane Beegle, vocalist
Kevin Bissell, trumpet
Larry Boozer, saxophone, flute
Steve Bryant, guitar
Matt Coffey, drums
Henry Connelly, bass
Dave Czohara, trumpet
Paula Czohara, saxophone, clarinet
Julia Dean, vocalist
Dave Dekoff, trumpet, guitar
Steve Dimond, guitar
Rich Eastman, guitar, baritone horn
Ed Helm, french horn
Lee Hudson, bass, tuba (Milton Leander Hudson, Worthless Idiot)
John Farquhar, french horn (Mother Farquhar)
Gino Garcia, trumpet (Steve Garcia)
Harry Hansen, tuba
Harry Horton, saxophone
Ralph Ingraham, trombone
Dennis Jansson., trombone
Mike Johnson, piano
Tim Jones, trumpet
Mike Jones, guitar (Snake)
Reid Keiffer, clarinet, saxophone
Randy Kellogg, trumpet
Dave Langett, saxophone
Joel Lewis (Broadway Joe) vocalist
Dave Lock, trombone, bass
Ed LaPierre, trumpet
Johnny Long, saxophone
Walt Larkins, trumpet
Cliff McCoy, saxophone
Frank Mullen, piano
Tom Murphy, trombone
Max Murray, bass, tuba
Steve Parent, trumpet
Steve Patterson, trumpet
Steve Rawson, trombone
Billy Ream, trombone
Ed Rolnick, saxophone, flute
Roger Salls, trombone
George Thompson
Bing Walden, drums
Bill Wissman, trombone
Dale Yager, drums

School of Music Staff, 1979-81

School of Music Staff, 1979-1981

Faculty Lab Band, c. 1979

Roy Mahoney, USN
Rhythm Section:
Mark Adams, USMC, drums
Steve Dimond, USN, drums
Sam Cameron, USMC, drums
Frank Mullen, USN, piano
Sandy Megas, USMC; Dan Bowerly, USMC;
Mike Walker, USA; Doug Dean, USN; Hank Agnew, USN
Dave Traub, USN; Jim Miller, USN;
Art Nebel, USA; Joe ???, USA
Andy Omdahl, USMC; Dave Wert, USMC (Later USN);
Lou Berner, USN; Nancy Wert, USA
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

School of Music Navy Staff

Ray Ascione
Paul Clemens
Phillip Field
Dave Kunkel
Thomas Metcalf
Ron van Hoose

Hank Agnew (Henry Agnew), saxophone, clarinet
Marv Akers, tuba, bass
Gerry Amato, clarinet
Dick Brodt (Richard Brodt)
Doug Dean, saxophone
Jack Dye
Paul Geitzenauer (Geitz), trumpet
Roy Mahoney, trombone
Jim Miller, trombone
John Hanson, trombone
Rocky Palumbo, saxophone
John Pastin, saxophone
Jim Thumpston (Thumper, James Thumpston), piano
Dave Traub, trombone
Tex Waldron, trombone
Noonie Wilson, clarinet (it is believed, although there were no witnesses)

Petty Officers:
George Barkus, drums
Lou Berner, trumpet
Steve Dimond, guitar
Dent Donahoo
Frank Jones, flute
Jimmy McCandlish, bass, tuba
Frank Mullen, piano, bass
Billy Ream, trombone
Mike Schiarini, bassoon
Andy Vermiglio, drums
Barney Walker, piano
Carl Wickstrom, baritone horn

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Navy Band Newport, 1977-78

Navy Band Newport, 1977-1978
Naval Education and Training Center
Newport, RI

Odds are, I've left your name out. This period of my life is vague. I was only in Newport for a year, much of that time on recruiting tours with the rock band, Long Island Sound.

Bandmaster: Joe Arthur

Assistant Leader: Larry Brown

Other CPOs:
Ed Rodgers, trumpet.
Terry Chesson, saxophone. (Terrence Chesson)
Chief (?) McCoy

Karl Alexander, saxophone, clarinet
Dennis Allard, drums.
Darryl Casoli, trumpet (D.C.)
Lenny Childs, trumpet (Leonard Childs)
Paul Denewitz, bass?
Jo English, administrative petty officer
Wayne Henderson, vocalist (Bone)
Al Hewitt (Guerimo Hewitt)
Dean Hoyt, bass
Rick Holdsworth
John Johnson, drums
Fred Muzer, guitar
Frank Mullen, piano (Frank Mullen III)
Dana Silver, bass
Wilbur Smith (Smitty)
Pete Tassey, trombone
Randy the Soundman

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Navy Band San Francisco 1975-77

Navy Band San Francisco, 1975-1977
Naval Support Activity
Treasure Island, San Francisco, CA

Hal Hessler, tuba, bass (Harold Hessler)
Art Jacobus, trumpet (Arthur Jacobus)

Assistant Leader:
J.J. Connor, trumpet (John J. Connor)

Other CPOs:
John Koob, piano
Skip Poole, trombone (Gaylord Poole)
Jack Miller, french horn
Another chief whose name I can't remember; he went AWOL shortly after reporting aboard. San Francisco sure had a lot to offer the visitor.

Alex Afortunato, saxophone, clarinet (Calixto Afortunato)
Ruperto Ave, saxophone, clarinet
Roger Balogh, trombone
Abelard Banta, saxophone and clarinet
Bob Basinais, trombone (Robert Basinais)
Paul Camaclang, trumpet (Paulino Camaclang)
Doyle Church, trombone (Doyle R. Church)
Skip Clarke, piano (Neil Clarke, Neil J. Clarke)
Jimmy Crabtree, trumpet (Jimmy Joe Crabtree)
Jimmy Cunningham,trumpet, guitar (James Cunningham, Jim Cunningham)
John Derby, guitar.
Mark Dinkelacker, saxophone
Bruce Engle, tuba, bass
Jimmy Etters, saxophone, clarinet, flute (James Etters)
John Farquhar, french horn (Mother Farquhar)
Eddie Fontecha, trumpet (Eduardo Fontecha)
Paige Garwood, bass, tuba
John Hanson, trombone
Eddie Henson, trumpet (Edward Henson, Fast Eddie Henson)
Lloyd Hopkin, trumpet (Hoppy)
Kevin Hunter, trombone
Michael Joehnk, trumpet
Dave Johnson, french horn (David Johnson)
Frank Kemp, trombone
Leo Kieswether, drums
Brenda Kilanowski, drums
Ray Kilanowski, tuba, bass (Raymond Kilanowski, Ski)
Skip Klingman, saxophone
Gerry Kuhn, trombone
Bob Lantis, bass (Robert Lantis)
Dave Lehman, baritone horn, trombone (David Lehman)
Phil Letcher, saxophone, clarinet, flute (Phillip Letcher)
Harvey Lloyd, trombone
Bob Marquart, trumpet (Robert Marquart, Quat)
Alice McKinley, flute
Steve Meyers, saxophone, clarinet (Steven Meyers)
Dave McKissack, saxophone, flute, clarinet (David McKissack)
Del Monroy, trombone (Delfin Monroy)
Frank Mullen, tuba, piano
Fred Muzer, guitar
Jon Newcomb, trumpet (Jonathan Newcomb)
Bob Nolan, guitar (Robert Nolan)
Reuben Peraro, saxophone, clarinet
Don Plowman, drums
Larry Piasoli, trumpet
Dave Rincon, trumpet (David Rincon. David G. Rincon)
Erasmo Rivera, saxophone, clarinet
Joe Slobodzien, drums
Jay Snell, saxophone, clarinet
Charlie Sweet, trumpet (Charles Sweet)
Lyn Sylfest, vocalist
Bill Teuber, piano (William Teuber)
Dale Vanderpool, drums
Andy Vermiglio, drums
Kent Watson, piano
Dave Whitaker, drums (David Whitaker)
Louis White, clarinet, saxophone, flute (Looney White)
Craig Wichert, tuba, bass
Ralph Williams, saxophone, flute
Paul Wynkoop, trombone
Mike Zaloba, saxophone, flute, clarinet (Michael Zaloba)