Saturday, January 31, 2015

Congratulations Carl Gerhard

NMA member LCDR Carl Gerhard's retirement ceremony yesterday included a special honor: a final salute from the Chief of Naval Operations.

After the ceremony at the Naval War College, ADM Jonathan Greenert noted
While in Newport yesterday I rendered LCDR Carl Gerhard's final salute, prior to him being piped ashore at his retirement ceremony.... As a leader of the Navy Band, Carl has been an integral part of displaying the excellence our Navy has to offer to the American public. Additionally, our bands are important to international outreach - I think what says it all, is I can put a band where I can't put a ship. I thank Carl, and the Gerhard Family, for their years of dedicated service. Fair winds and following seas, Shipmate. 
We of the Navy Musicians Association concur with the admiral and hope that those fair winds and following seas will allow Carl to spend more time with his comrades in the NMA.