Thursday, February 20, 2014

New Hall of Greatness Contender: the Finnish Navy Band

As long-time visitors know, I maintain the International Hall of Navy Band Greatness. which spotlights the achievements of Navy bands around the world.

(The standard of perfection was set a few years ago when I first posted the Russian Navy Show Band's "Let It Be." If you haven't yet watched it, it's a must-see video clip. This performance has become the "4.0" of International Navy Band Greatness, setting the standard by which all Navy bands are judged.)

Our newest entry is the Finnish Navy Band's "Frank Sinatra Show" featuring Anton Häggblom and the Sea Queens. This short video shows highlights of the band and Mr. Häggblom's interpretation of the Sinatra Songbook. (I don't know whether Häggblom is in the Navy. If he is, it's obvious that the Finnish Navy's policy is Don't Bother Asking--There's Not Much to Tell Because it's Obvious.)

The Sea Queens seem to serve the same function as the Russian Navy Show Band's banner-waving women; they distract attention from everything else, but their contribution is unclear.

The Finnish Navy Band starts things off vamping the intro to "New York, New York" with a swing feel that grew up in a straight-eighths neighborhood. Once you get beyond that, the band is fine.

But it's hard to get beyond what you're seeing. The Sea Queens. A man singing "I've Got You Under My Skin" as though he's competing in an Ethel Merman contest.

What I'm saying is, this is damn good.