Friday, February 27, 2015

2015 NMA Reunion Highlight: The School of Music in Action

MUs still start the day on the grinder.

Last year's visit to the renovated Naval School of Music was a crowd-pleaser. The skipper's tour was informative and detailed.

Unfortunately, the  school was empty.The work was incomplete and training was still taking place in temporary quarters.

Warning: this is not your grandfather's School of Music.

Now, the U.S. Naval School of Music is back in action. To highlight the 2015 NMA reunion, the school's commanding officer, CDR Dwaine C. Whitham, has invited us to tour the school and observe a typical day of training.

We're also invited to attend the Basic Course Graduation, complete with ceremonial band and guest speaker. CDR Whitham has gone out of his way to line up a speaker who is held in particularly high regard by the entire Navy music community.

Whether you underwent Navy musical training at Little Creek, Anacostia, or belowdecks on the USS Constitution, this trip to the U.S. Naval School of Music is sure be a memorable morning.

The NMA will provide bus transportation for this excursion. (A nominal fee may be charged.)