Tuesday, October 13, 2015

CNO's 2015 Navy Birthday Message

Whom is the Navy Birthday intended to honor?

We have Navy Day later in October, as well as Navy Weeks, Fleet Weeks. They're fun, informative and patriotic, for sure, but those are public relations events.

So, then, is today's Navy Birthday a private party for those on active duty? I took off my uniform long ago. I'm not even retired. Do I get to celebrate?

I find my answer in the CNO's 2015 Navy Birthday Message to the Fleet. ADM J.M. Richardson says, in part:  
... our ships, submarines and aircraft form the muscle and bones of the Navy, but the heart and soul of our Navy is you, our people.
Who is this "you"? Who are "our people"?

I find the answer in the admiral's conclusion:
To all our Sailors, Navy civilians, proud families and Veterans around the globe, Happy Birthday and thank you for your service.
The Navy Birthday is for all of us. It's for all who serve, for those who have served and for those who have supported us. It's for all of us.

Happy Birthday to us!