Saturday, August 6, 2016

Let it Be the Russian Navy Snow Band Forever.

I repost this every few years because, like fine wine and Frank Sinatra, it improves with age.

It's the Russian Navy Show Band's stirring performance of "Let it Be." What's great about this?


  • They're serious. You can tell because, obviously, no one's having any fun. 
  • The lead singer is highly trained. The giveaway? He sings sharp. Anyone can sing flat, for any number of reasons: the key is out of your range, you're tired, you can't hear the monitor, you're tired or you just suck. But singing sharp takes talent. Singing above pitch is the domain of experts, and this guy is an expert. He's not always sharp; that'd mark him as an amateur. No, he's sharp just often enough to let you know he's a real pro. And he smiles when he does it.
  • It's just as good when you turn off the audio. Try it. Particularly during close-up shots of the lead singer, you'd swear you're watching New Gingrich in a community theater production of "The Good Ship Lollipop."
  • It's a reality check for those old-timers who reminisce about their days as active-duty Navy musicians and say, "I'd join up again in a heartbeat if they'd let me." Well, this is what your dream come true would look like. Check out the backup singers, most of whom are two-decades too old to be wearing sailor suits.   

This is as good as it gets. Encore!