Thursday, July 11, 2019

The Dashiki

The Dashiki

Dave Dekoff  as the MU3
Tex Waldron as the Bandmaster
and featuring
Frank Mullen as the Innocent Bystander

Scene: Reception area, Navy Band Newport
Time: A workday morning in 1982.

As the curtain rises, Chief Warrant Officer Waldron and MU1 Mullen are standing by the admin desk. CWO Waldron holds a sheaf of paperwork. The two are discussing the papers as MU3 Dekoff enters. wearing colorful, flowing robes that swirl with his every step.

CWO Waldron: What the--

MU3 Dekoff:  Good morning, boss. Good morning, Frank.

CWO Waldron: Dekoff, have you been walking around the base dressed like that?

MU3 Dekoff: Sure.

CWO: Where people can see you?

MU3 Dekoff: Yeah.

CWO Waldron: What is it?

MU3 Dekoff: It's a dashiki.

CWO Waldron: What the hell is a dashiki?

MU3 Dekoff: It's an African garment, popular in the western and sub-Saharan regions, worn on formal or everyday occasions. This is the informal version, because of its color and design.

 CWO Waldron: This is the Navy and that's a dress!