Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Nobody Calls Me Ken

Nobody Calls Me Ken

David Czohara as the Operations Petty Officer
Ken Davenport as the Assistant Bandleader
and featuring
Frank Mullen as the Innocent Bystander

Scene: Master Chief Davenport's office, Navy Band Newport.
Time: Late 1984.

As the curtain rises, Master Chief Davenport is sitting at his desk. Frank Mullen and Dave Czohara sit in chairs.

MUCM Davenport: So, we may have to send the staff combo in addition to the the rock band.

Petty Officer Czohara: I don't think Brunswick will want to fund that much more, Master Chief.

Petty Officer Mullen: Master Chief, maybe I could just do it solo piano instead of bringing the whole combo.

MUCM Davenport: Czohara, go get the paperwork.

Petty Officer Czohara: Okay, Master Chief.

Czohara rises.

MUCM Davenport: You know, I find it interesting that when Chief Warrant Officer Waldron was the bandmaster, everybody called him "Tex." Now, Chief Warrant Officer Chesson is the bandmaster, and people call him "Terry." But nobody ever calls me "Ken."

Czohara exits.

MUCM Davenport: I have a bad feeling about this. A very bad feeling.

Czohara enters with handful of papers.

Petty Officer: Okay, Ken, here's the paperwork. You're right, Ken, the rock band can't do the reception because, as you know, Ken, they have a 2000 dance at the O' Club. But, Ken, the staff combo could do the 1800 reception at the captain's quarters. Or Frank could do it solo, Ken. If it's alright with you, Ken.

MUCM Davenport: (To Petty Officer Mullen) See?