Sunday, November 23, 2008

Back when we were old men

School of Music Faculty Lab Band, c. 1979

Dave Jacobson, an old army friend, sent me this photo. It was taken early in my tour as piano instructor at the School of Music. What strikes me about remembering those years is just how old we weren't.

I was a 31-year-old MU2. I felt old, past my prime. And the two CPOS I was the closest to--Roy Mahoney (the leader, standing in front of the drums) and Hank Agnew (baritone sax, next to piano)--were waaay older than me. Roy and Hank were ancient mariners, crotchety old men who, I was convinced, had been in the band that played honors when the floods receded and Noah stepped off the Ark.

Within a year or two of this photo, Roy Mahoney and Hank Agnew celebrated their 40th birthdays.

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You can see this photo with a (sort of) complete roster by going to My Bands and Shipmates, which I've reorganized into separate pages for easier viewing.


Anonymous said...

Both Roy Mahoney and Hank Agnew went to their eternal reward WAY too early. May they rest in peace.

Unknown said...

Thanks for this post. Roy Mahoney was my dad. I love seeing and hearing about his past which he never seemed to talk about. Really great photo!

Signed...Roy's #1 daughter Anne