Sunday, October 24, 2010

A few changes

You'll notice Navy Lyres has a new look.

Not better. New.

But, you'll notice I have given myself a better, new title. Originally, I was the "Host," but that made Navy Lyres sound like a talk show. I became your "Webmaster," which seemed menial. Since there's only one guy on this totem pole, why should I be at the bottom?

I decided to put myself on top. I have promoted myself to Commodore of Navy Lyres.

Some may wonder why, since I'm handing out promotions so freely, I didn't make myself some sort of admiral. Well, remember when you got a lousy evaluation and the brass tried to soften the blow by telling you that your toilet paper-wad of a 2.9 eval "leaves room for growth"?

It's like that. I fully expect, with time, to rise through the flag ranks. Meanwhile, I'll get to work. Well, right after my promotion ceremony.

Form the band on the quarterdeck. Bugler, sound "Attention."

1 comment:

DennyJ said...

Frank--or should I say Commodore, could I be your Chief of Staff? So how does it feel to be rendered 1 Ruffle and Duffle and the Flag Officer's March?