Thursday, April 19, 2012

Book your room for the NMA Reunion

You heard about it on the mess deck and smelled it in the salt air: port of call was just over the horizon. Suddenly, the berthing compartment echoed with questions. Who’s got pesos? Does anybody have a spare neckerchief? Where’s the second trumpet part to the national anthem of the Republic of East Euphonia? 

So it is as we approach the end-of-June NMA reunion in Orlando. With two months to go, we’re making travel plans, registering for the reunion and asking the annual questions: What key is “Straight, No Chaser” in? Did I remember to pay my 2012 dues? Will my brown jacket still fit?

Let me add one more important question: Have you reserved your room at the Orlando Doubletree Universal yet? If you still haven’t booked your room, I urge you to do so soon. Pronto, in fact.

You see, the fees the hotel charges the NMA for function rooms, facilities and amenities are based on the number of rooms we occupy. The more rooms we reserve--and the sooner we reserve them--the better the deal we get. Locking in your reservation now doesn’t just assure you of a room--it provides a major boost to our bottom line.  

If you haven’t reserved your room yet, the information you need is below. I hope you’ll take care of this soon--maybe today. Our course is set for Orlando, and good times, good music and sea stories lie ahead.

(P.S.--“Straight, No Chaser” is in F, I did pay my 2012 dues and, yes, my brown jacket still fits. Sort of.)

NMA Reunion: June 27 - July 1, 2012
Doubletree Universal
5780 Major Boulevard
Orlando, Florida

Group Code: NMA

Giving the group code will ensure you get our special NMA rate of $97 per night with free self-parking. The special rate is also good for the 3 days before and after the reunion.

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