Friday, July 8, 2011

D-Day for contacting your Rep.

Friday 8JUL11 EDT

The House of Representatives is now in session. Their goal for today is to pass their final defense appropriations act.

Write now. Later will be too late.

You can do it in two minutes. Copy this letter to your clipboard, then click here to find your congressman and paste the text into the web form.

I urge you to restore full funding for military bands in the National Defense Appropriations Act for 2012.

Our military bands are not frills. They are an integral part of our armed forces. Military bands boost morale, lend dignity to ceremonial occasions and drum up crucial public support for our Armed Services.

We ask so much of our American fighting men and women, and get so much in return. They deserve the finest. Please support our troops by funding their bands fully.

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