Friday, July 8, 2011

House Cuts Funding for Bands--the Battle Moves to the Senate

As feared and expected, the House of Representatives today passed its military appropriations bill with the severe cut to military band funding that had been bouncing in and out of the legislation

From Reuters:
One of the most successful budget-cutting efforts was led by Representative Betty McCollum, a Democrat who doggedly pressed her drive to slash more than $120 million for military bands.
McCollum shepherded the cut through the Appropriations Committee, only to see it defeated on a voice vote in the full House.
She introduced a last-minute amendment to reinstate the cuts and won by forcing a roll-call vote on Thursday evening, leaving the military with $200 million to spend on more than 200 bands with 4,600 musicians and staff.
If there's any good news, it's the constitutional basis of our bi-cameral legislative branch of government. The House does not have the last word. As the story quoted above reminds us,

Congress is still weeks away from approving a final military spending bill ready for Obama to sign into law. The House bill will have to be melded with whatever measure is approved by the Senate, which is still working on its plan.

What does this mean for those of us who believe military bands should be fully funded as integral components of our Armed Forces? It means you tell your senators--both of them--to fully fund military bands.

It takes only a few minutes: how-to info, tips and a sample letter are in blood-red up above.

Go for it. This war is not lost.

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Anonymous said...

From the drums and fife of 1776 the Military bands have been an insperation to all Americans. Don't take away the one thing we all take pride in.