Sunday, July 1, 2012

It's mighty quiet here at the Doubletree. A few MUs are staying one more night, taking time to visit family and see the sights. But it's over. Those with long drives were on the road before dawn. The sun rose over a hotel full of MUs and their families packing their cars and hopping on airport shuttles.

We're all tired, the natural consequence of a few days of non-stop activity. I'm tired, too, after a week of planning afternoon naps that never occurred because an unexpected old friend appeared in the lobby, an early jam session had erupted in the lounge, or a group had gathered in the courtyard just begging to hear the story about the time in Newport when I...

You get it.

I'll likely be incommunicado for the next day or two, as I, too, must head back home. I'll be back in touch soon with more photos, video footage and stories.

But right now, it's nap time. A nap, a snack, and then back to beddie-bye for the night.


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