Wednesday, July 4, 2012

NMA Reunion 2012, Scene 14: "Officers Don't Know Everything."

Time: Afternoon.Setting: The lounge.
Dan Flanagan.
Frank Mullen.
Terry Chesson.

- - - - -

Dan Flanagan: So we're playing a Dixieland gig at this admiral's house--

Frank Mullen: What an idiot!

Terry: He sure was.

Dan: So, we set up in his garage--

Frank: --and there's this box of rags full of his old skivvies, stenciled with his name and rank. We took them back to the band room and put them in the head to use as toilet paper.

Terry Chesson: What? I never knew about this!

Frank looks at Dan. Dan looks back at Frank. Frank looks at Terry.

Frank: Well, of course you didn't know; you were the bandmaster.

Terry: Oh...yeah. Right.

-- The End. --

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