Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Daily Poop - Sat., 22JUN13

(5:30 a.m.) Yeah, I'm awake. Got up at 4:00 a.m. Duh. When I hit the rack last night, all kinds of last-minute things hit me--gotta print out my travel insurance card, repack this, reshuffle that.

And I checked the weather online, of course. Thunderstorm predictions have disappeared from Moline, IL, where I'll catch my plane, and Atlanta, GA, where I'll change flights. Norfolk still has thunderstorms on tap for my evening arrival, but at least, by that time, I'll be on the East Coast.

So wife should be home from her night shift in an hour, I'll through the bags in the car and off we go. Of course, being a gloom & doomer, there's a chance she'll be late, or her relief won't show. These things happen. But contingency plans abound. In my mind I can hear Peter, Paul and Mary singing about a jet plane. Except, oh babe, I don't hate to go.

Bless her heart, wife gave the okay for me to go a day early this year.In my case, "a day early" has a nontraditional meaning.  Although the NMA reunion doesn't officially start until Wednesday, lotsa members arrive on Tuesday, and by nightfall, we've generally got enough players to do some preparatory jamming. So I got in the habit of coming on Mondays. Then I started Live-Blogging the reunions, and started coming on Sundays to get set up. That's been my program for a few years. I get to chill and prepare before the wild times start rolling.

So for me, a day early is Saturday, though it will certainly be late when I get to the hotel.

Speaking of the Live-Blog, to those MUs who have asked: Yes, you'll be able to follow the 2013 NMA reunion right here at NavyLyres. Somewhere between now and Wednesday morning, I'll pull the plug on the once-a-day Daily Poop and switch over Live-Blogging. This means more info, more frequently. Generally, I try to post through the day as events and time allow. I'm glad to know that the folk who can't come still  follow the reunion here. Makes my day.

So: Tomorrow morning, more Poop. Maybe Pre-Reunion Live-Blogging. Who knows?

To those who are coming: I look forward to seeing you in a few days, both old friends from Navy bands here and there, and new friends I've made during my years in the association. To those who have to stay home: damn. Wish you could come, maybe next year, stay in touch. To those who haven't come to a reunion yet: time, like a Navy band, marches on. I regret all those years--five or more--that I put off coming to a reunion. Great friends, old and new, great memories, great music. And it's better than active duty: someone else makes your bed and nobody yells at you about your hair.

Coffee. Shower. Reshuffle socks in luggage. Check tickets. Et cetera. Unless you hear differently, as of c. 7:00 a.m. Central Time:

 I. Am. Out. Of. Here.

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