Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Daily Poop - Wed, 19JUN13

Normally, the middle of June brings Navy Week, the Blue Angels and Navy Band Great Lakes to my region of western Illinois. It's a wonderful warm-up for the NMA reunion.

Not this year, of course; the sequester has taken care of that. The air show still goes on, though. This year it features "Tora! Tora! Tora!," a simulation of the attack on Pearl Harbor, featuring Japanese bombers, fighter planes and fiery explosions. Sorry, but an air show without the Blue Angels and a Navy band is like [fill in your own analogy here.]

Here's someone who knows
how to pack for a reunion.

Packing for the reunion. Well, preparing, anyway. And, yep, gonna check in one bag and carry the other. I've been smashing everything into one bag for a number of years now. An extra bag will make it easier and--jeez, I could probably fit my ukulele in there!

I think I'll hold my final Pre-NMA Reunion Weigh-in tonight. I know I've dipped down below my 1980 E-5 weight, and the suspense is killing me. Stay tuned.

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