Sunday, June 30, 2019

2019 NMA Reunion Wrap-up: Final Edition

As we resume our lives at home, we'll think occasionally about the 2019 reunion, the old friends we shared the week with, the new friendships we forged, the music we played.

For me, reunion memories never totally disappear. I spend six months thinking about the last reunion and when Christmas is over, I start looking forward to June again. If you've been to a reunion you understand; if you haven't, well, all I can say is: Come to a reunion, and, pal, you'll understand.

As time goes by, I'll edit and post recordings of our 2019 performances, rehearsals and a visit from Navy Band Great Lakes. Until then, I leave you with this:

We're musical professionals and part-timers. We're on active duty or we took off our dress blues decades ago. We perform for a living or just for the fun of being in a municipal band. We play every day or dust off the horn case once a year.

But when you put us together on the bandstand, we play like we pulled into a foreign port this morning, performed an afternoon concert in a packed town square and now we're at the embassy ball, halfway through the third set, arguing under our breaths about who's gonna drive the bus to colors tomorrow morning. 

We used to call it "work." Now, it's something we voluntarily fly halfway across the country to do every June.

And here's a little bit of it:

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