Sunday, June 30, 2019

2019 NMA Reunion Wrap-up #1: Lounging Around

David and Willean Blakeley join Sherry Church in the lounge
 for a few moments of temperate, responsible behavior.

Big band, concert band music, straight-ahead jazz and even some Dixieland. This year's NMA reunion had it all.

Party animals Rick Jebavy, Deb Holl, Dennis 
Allard, Leon Harris and John Polites.

But the music is only part of a reunion. We gather together, old friends and new friends, telling old stories and sharing the news of the last year.

 Woodwind doublers Dennis Bear and Ray Ascione recuperate 
from an afternoon spent juggling clarinets and saxophones.
We find the lounge a convenient spot for such socializing. This has certainly be true for me. My bandmasters always knew: If you can't find Frank Mullen in his office, go look in the bar lounge.

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Unknown said...

Fun times indeed Frank. I also found the antithesis of the end of day activities, breakfast, was equally rewarding, making new connections and having wonderful conversations, such as my wife Christina and I had with you and your lovely bride Jo. Please her our best.