Friday, June 14, 2013

The Daily Poop - Fri., 14JUN13

Two weeks from now, the NMA reunion will be in full swing. I'll get to Virginia Beach the weekend before the reunion, so for me, there's really only about a week left. The excitement is beginning to kick in.

John Pastin in a state of first-
reunion befuddlement, 2009. 
I just heard from John Pastin. He's juggling his schedule so he can make it to Virginia Beach for part of the reunion. It's a reminder that you don't have to come to the entire shebang. People with weekend commitments sometimes can come for the first few days and hustle back home on Thursday night or Friday. The converse is even more common--folks with weekday commitments ("gigs," or in civilian language, "jobs")  still come for the weekend activities. The sign-in sheet in the registration room gets longer every day.
John Vasquez and grandson, 2012.

I also got a message form Johnny Vasquez, who must home in Florida this year. It seems like every year, he gets promoted higher in the ranks of the American Legion--he's a regional commander--and his duties grow. I'll miss his sense of humor this year.

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