Monday, June 18, 2018

2018 NMA Reunion Live-blog

The Navy Musicians Association 2018 Reunion begins on Wednesday, but the Live-blog starts today..

I quit drinking 30 years ago, but the sight of
underutilized libation facilities still makes me sad
It's mostly quiet around the Holiday Inn, but a few "early birds" are already in residence. I spent some time with David Blakeley in the lobby while my wife was out running errands. David and I poked our heads in the lounge, which was empty of MUs, music and b.s. This will change soon.

It's quiet, but the preparations have begun. Warren Weiss was seen hauling equipment into the building and Leon Harris has brought a boatload of gear from the School of Music. It's worth remembering that truckloads of equipment do not magically appear at reunion. Santa's helpers do not haul kettledrums and amplifiers. Dedicated volunteers perform hours of hot, sweaty, dirty work most of us never see.

And I'm setting up for NMA Live-blog 2018. I'll post coverage of goings-on throughout the reunion. You can find it here or through Facebook's Navy Musicians Association group.

I look forward to seeing old and new friends soon. And if you can't come this year, I look forward to hearing from you as a comment here or on Facebook.

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