Saturday, June 23, 2018

I'm off to the Membership Meeting

I'm heading down to the ballroom for two traditional NMA reunion events.

First, the break-out breakfast. This is, essentially, a gabfest accompanied by coffee, pastries and fruit.

After an hour or so, our spouses and families will depart and members will stay in place for the second and important event.

The General Membership Meeting is an hour of reports from directors and, questions from members. We review the reunion that's coming to a close and discuss the year that's heading our way.

I think we'll get the answer to the three biggest questions on everyone's mind: location, location, location. We all wa.nt to know where we'll be headed for the 2019 reunion.

We've all got the questions, Reunion Coordinator Carl Gerhard has the answers and I've got a laptop.

So, this afternoon,, you'll have the answers.

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