Sunday, June 17, 2018

SUN, 17JUN18 - The Daily Poop -- Special Self-pity Edition

"Maybe a few drops of rat poison
will shut the whiny S.O.B. up."
Beckley, W. Va.--
Sunday, 8:45:a.m.

The nurse thinks I'll be able to take solid food today.

"What the h'--" you ask.

Okay, let's back up a bit. Yes, this is supposed to be a few day of lighthearted blogging about my trip to Virginia for the NMA reunion. But it's turning into something darker,

Yesterday afternoon, while heading east on I-64 in West Virginia, I began bleeding from the mouth. Don't know how it happened, but generally, not a big deal, according to Nurse Jo, my travel companion and wife.

Trouble is, I'm on blood thinners, which slows clotting and can allow minor bleeding to last for hours. Why blood thinners? To get my heart working right. Why the heart problem?  Because I just had a stent put into an artery in my heart. Why the stent? Because the artery was blocked.

Nurse Jo travels with a variety of medical supplies, so we got to a hotel here in Beckley and she went to work with bandages, gauzes and, of course, incessant blood pressure monitoring.  The bleeding continued into the evening, during which time I dined on things that don't irritate oral wounds, Applesauce and V8 juice were made to go together..

So, we're now getting ready to go downstairs to the the hotel restaurant for breakfast, but I still need to be careful. Jo thinks maybe liquified scrambled eggs or yogurt puree will be acceptable.

If all goes well and I don't bleed out, we expect this handbasket to reach Virginia Beach this afternoon. I can't wait for this trip to end.

I look forward to a rousing good time at the reunion, though I'll have to restrain myself. With this ongoing bleeding problem, I'll need to avoid the sort of behavior that could get me punched in the face.

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