Thursday, June 26, 2008

NMA concert band begins

Revised Change 19.b.12e scheduled concert band rehearsal for 7PM last night, and there were concerns.

Would members get the word of the change?? Would they show up, after a long, busy day? Would the quality be sufficient to perform a concert in only a few days?

Yes, yes, and hell, yes.

Conductor Wilbur Smith had wondered how many players would come, but the rehearsal room was packed. Even those sections that are often shorthanded were full, including a luxurious four man--and--woman french horn section.

Like any first rehearsal, there were rough spots. But after the players were warmed up, things started to click.

Sure, I love the jazz, the jamming, the jive of these reunions. We all do.

But the concert band's performance always lifts us in a different way.

The audience sits back and enjoys movie themes, marches and medleys. But a point comes when things get serious. Those vital components of Navy band concerts--"The Navy Hymn," "America the Beautiful," "Anchors Aweigh"--mean more to us now.

As the recruiting posters used to say, it's more than just a job.

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