Saturday, June 28, 2008

We clean up well

I'm sitting in the lounge with my wife and the Holls. It's almost time for the evening festivities.

You see MUs and spouses wandering the hotel in their Saturday evening best, and we look pretty good.

Which is appropriate. I've just found out we're having a visit from Navy Band Mid-South this evening. Last year's performance by the CINCLANT band--or whatever it's called now--was the screaming, hollering highlight of the week, and we're expecting no less from this group.

It's good to be dressed for the occasion.

Sorry to blog in advance here, it will be a busy night. No doubt we'll wind up back in the lounge for late-night farewells.

And I'll be on the spot with the poop, the scoop and the skinny.

If I can stay awake that long.

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