Saturday, June 30, 2012

Al Coda, Accelerando

This week that began largo has flown by presto. I am heading downstairs to the banquet, which is, unbelievably, the conclusion of the NMA reunion.

It has flown by too fast. I've caught up on the doings of regular attendees, told stories with old friends for the first time in 25 years, met legends of the Navy Music Program, all to the accompaniment of moving, challenging and just plain fun music.

But there hasn't been enough time. There never is. Because many will be leaving early tomorrow--our equipment crew will aim the truck back to Virginia Beach before daybreak--this will be a night for goodbyes. I'll probably stay until the end and will not likely post again tonight.

But I'll be here for an extra day, so I'll blog tomorrow with the wrap-up.

I've been happy to share the reunion with those at home and can honestly say:

Wish you were here.

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Tom Gillette said...

Frank, your coverage has been outstanding...(oops, an unacceptable platitude in Navy evals!) Your coverage has been, uh..STELLAR! Seriously, thank you very much for keeping those of us in the far flung areas tuned in to what was happening. I felt like I was there.

Wednesday I felt like I was in a Navy rehearsal..."That's pretty good" on all the classical stuff, complete with ragged note lengths and terrible intonation, then "It's All Right With Me" suddenly it's Jazz and the cats had to get hep to the gig. This 2 minute piece became a quest that lasted nearly an hour.

Having read your commentary, and wishing I could be there, it was less a bother than a great Navy moment for me!

Safe travels home, friend...fair winds and following seas, and all that.