Monday, June 25, 2012

More about Mears Transportation to Doubletree

In an earlier post I mentioned I planned to take Mears Transportation from the Orlando Airport to the Orlando Doubletree Universal for the NMA reunion. Having now arrived, I can see the process was a breeze, and will add these few details:

A shuttle train will take you the baggage and ground transportation area. It's an easy, short ride.

You'll detrain at Level 3. You'll have to work your way down to Level 1 for ground transportation.  No problem.

Check in at the Mears desk. If you don't have a reservation (I did) you can get a ticket there. The clerk will direct you to the outside departure area.

A dispatcher in the departure area took my ticket, gave me an electronic hockey puck which would beep and light up when my shuttle van came. Vehicles came and went, and in about six minutes, my hockey puck signaled that my van had arrived. I turned in my puck and hopped aboard.

There were three fares with three destinations. As advertised, they'd grouped nearby destinations together. I was the last dropoff, and the entire trip was about 40 minutes.

Considering that traffic was slowed by a tropical storm that was hammering Orlando, that was good. It seem likely your trip could be shorter.

If you want more boring details you can read that earlier post. Or make a reservation on line, as I did, at

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