Saturday, June 30, 2012

NMA Business Meeting:

The NMA's annual Business Meeting went smoothly. Too smoothly; somethings wrong when scores of MUs can sit together and actually agree.

Here are a few highpoints; remember that this is an unoffical report;extreeemely unoffical, consisting only of highlights (fortunately, there were no lowlights).

President Terry Chesson opened the meeting by saying that the month leading up to a reunion is always exciting and tense; exciting because shipmates are about to gather, and tense because there are details, changes and glitches to iron out.

"And now," he said, "it's almost over, and I don't know what to do." Well, I know what he can do: relax. It's been a wonderful, successful get-together.

Executive Vice-president Bob Leketa explained that much of this success was due to the hotel's excellent staff. He says that, in all his years as reunion coordinataor, this has been the best staff he's worked with

Next year we'll meet in Virginia Beach, but Bob has already started preparing for the 2014 reunion. Many members would like to meet in the Northeast. Others favor the South or Midwest. Do you have an idea for a location? Let Bob know.

Kim Holl reminded us that next year in Virginia Beach we'll hold elections. Kim chairs the Nominating Committee, and looks forward to receiving nominations to the Board of Directors.

Speaking of committees, Dennis Allard volunteered to form a Membership Committee to help attract new members. He's looking to form a group consisting of members from all eras of Navy music, from the distant days of battleship bands, from the decades of the unit bands, the not-so-bygone days and those who still put on a uniform every day. Here's an opportunity for you to help the NMA in its ongoing need to gain members.

"Recruitng new members is everyone's responsibility," he said. Of course, each one of us is the NMA's most effective recruiting poster. Dennis's willingness to organize a commitee to focus on this shows that he takes his own words seriously.

There being no more business before the metting, and no fistfights having interrupted the proceedings, the meeting was adjourned and members were sent on liberty until this evening's closing dinner and dance.

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