Monday, June 12, 2017

MON12JUN17 - The Daily Poop - First Edition

The 2017 reunion of the Navy Musicians Association is so close you could whack it with a soprano saxophone. It's time to begin the annual pre-reunion run of The Daily Poop, the unofficial, day-by-day chronicle of reunion news, scuttlebutt, hearsay and self-aggrandizement. Mostly the self-aggrandizement.

Although the reunion officially begins on Wed., June 21, my wife and I will depart from Illinois on Thurs. the 15th and arrive Sat. the 17th. Arriving early will give us time to see some sights, rest up for the reunion and meet up with other early birds. Members tend to dribble in over the days before a Virginia Beach reunion. We're expecting a big get-together in our homeport this year--a lot of first-timers have signed up.

Things will get busy on Monday and Tuesday as volunteers start setting things up. We generally have enough folks for a jam session on Tuesday night.

So, on that Tuesday (or maybe even the day before), we'll wrap up this year's series of Daily Poops and switch over to the also-traditional reunion LiveBlog.

The difference between the Daily Poop and the reunion LiveBlog is one of frequency. The Daily Poop is a once-a-day affair, usually a morning presentation. The LiveBlog features reunion events  around the clock, as they happen. Sort of.

So until the festivities begin, enjoy your Daily Poop. Ha ha.

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Anonymous said...

Frank, don't forget the rubber sheets for Lee Hudson this year.