16 June 2017

The Daily Poop - FRI16JUN17 - The Loadmaster

Now that we're retired, my wife and I do more things together. She's coming to the NMA reunion again this year, something she rarely had time for in past years. We' spent the night in a Louisville, KY motel, 1/3 of the way to Virginia Beach for the Navy Musicians Association  reunion. But even though we now have more time to spend together, there's still one thing we don't do as a team:travel

We don't pack the car together. When we're leaving on a trip, the Loadmaster does the packing. There is no helping. There is no advising, critiquing or complaining. It is not a team effort.

Certainly, much discussion takes place. Luggage that will not be needed until final arrival is identified. Things that will come into motels en route are listed. Personal items that must be accessible at all times are set aside.

But when the packing begins, there is no more discussing. There are only orders. The Loadmaster calls for items in the order in which they must be packed.

I learned from the best. John Derby, loadmaster of Navy Show Band West, demonstrated the art, leadership and firmness that can pack the equipment of a nine-piece band into a trailer the size of a footstool.

And, of course, upon arrival in Louisville, my expertise was confirmed was confirmed. Everything we needed for the night was accessible and the long-distance materiel remained undisturbed.

The Loadmaster has very few other marital responsibilities, but he is good at what he does, a vital task that contributes greatly to domestic harmony.



David Blakeley said...

So while in Louisville, did you participate in a Prayer Patrol?

Vaxtrpts said...

Interesting thing was that in the Forgione Show Band, we were all loadmasters of some kind or other. All that gear to load and unload from planes and trucks and buses and donkey carts and.......................
Ah the good old days in South America.
Hard to believe that it was 50 years ago. Whew!!
And by the way, my real email is Vaxtrpts@aol.com.