Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Daily Poop - WED14JUN17 - Gotta Get a Move On.

"Hurry, dear; I can't wait for you to show me all those
places in Virginia Beach where you used to get bombed."
To put it in family-friendly language: holy smokes; I'm leaving tomorrow for the NMA reunion in Virginia Beach.

I generally like to arrive a few days before the reunion. And my wife is coming again this year, so we're building in a little time for sightseeing. (Our last sight-seeing trip to VA Beach was in 1992, the year before we got married. I took her to the Brass Bell so she could get a feel for how I'd lived before we met. She married me anyway. The Brass Bell is still standing, although my other haunts--Dave's Casino, the Duck Inn and a few other places of that high caliber--are long gone.)

So, because we plan to spend two nights on the road so as to arrive in Virginia Beach sometime Saturday, I have to pack today: Clothes. Camera. Video equipment. Music. Gig bag. Musical equipment. Computer. Computer accessories.

And a mask. The Reef may still be in business, and I wouldn't dare walk into that dump without a disguise. Someone might have a long memory.

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