Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Daily Poop, Sun., 17JUN12

My Outlook Express inbox malfunctioned yesterday before my eyes. Everything in my inbox, including new, unread messages, disappeared into the ozone. Until I can repair it, I'm using web mail. Not complaining--simply telling you that if you wrote to me between Friday night (15JUN) and Saturday mid-morning (16JUN), I didn't get it. It's gone, maybe forever. Sorry I haven't responded--I can't, since I don't know who your are. Etc. Write again.

I'm getting hyped up for the NMA reunion. At the first one I attended, 2006, seeing shipmates for the first time in decades was an incredible thrill. As the following year went by, I figured that part of the fun was over. I was wrong. At the next reunion, seeing friends after only a year was, again, a thrill. And after each reunion, I have more friends to look forward to seeing again.

Of course, there's always Lee Hudson to serve as a drag-anchor on the fun.

Speaking of dragging: I've promised better pictures for the reunion LiveBlog this year. I have a new camera, but have hardly had the time to learn the ins and outs. It's new-fangled, with, of all things, a touch screen. You don't press buttons or turn dials; you tap and drag. Anyone who's ever seen me dance knows I'm not real strong at tapping and dragging.

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