Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A special reunion treat

Frank's 2010 treat for his shipmates.

You may recall that, a couple of years ago, in anticipation of the NMA reunion, I dieted and exercised my weight down to my former E-7 level and put my old uniform as proof:

I did this, of course, for you, to motivate you, to show you that all things can be accomplished with good old Navy perseverance.

Frank's enhanced 2012 treat.

Well, shipmates, you were all so grateful for my concern for your welfare that I've done it again. More, actually.

During May and early June, I again slimmed down to my CPO weight. This time, however, because my devotion to your happiness is unceasing, I pursued my weight loss two additional pay grades. I will attend the reunion next week at my E-5 weight.

I know this makes you very happy, but you don't have to thank me. Your grumbling and under-the-breath commentary is all the thanks I need.

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Tom Gillette said...

I can only say: "GET A HAIRCUT!"