Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Concert Band: Wow!

The amazing happened again this afternoon: a scheduled rehearsal began on time.

Again, a volunteer crew worked through the morning to have our room ready for a productive rehearsal. And productive it was. This is my 11th reunion, and I have never witnessed a first concert band rehearsal like this one.

The repertoire is challenging. We have a number of newly-arranged pieces, an Artie Shaw tribute, a West Side Story medley as well as patriotic favorites and vocal features. And the band rose to the challenge, maintaining focus through a 3-hour rehearsal.

I think there are two reasons behind this. First, our band gets better every year. While our goal is musical camaraderie--the sharing of ourselves with each other through music--the years have taught us how to prepare a full concert with three rehearsals.

Equally important, though, is was this year's attendance. Often, half the chairs are empty at our first rehearsal, as many members are still en route to whatever city we may be visiting. But today, the room was full.

I look forward not only to our Friday night concert, but to the coming rehearsals. I enjoy sitting in a room full of Navy Music's best.


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