Saturday, June 18, 2016

Saturday-night Dinner & Dance

It moves so fast. A few moments ago, it seems, shipmates were greeting each other, tuning together and preparing for a few days of music and camaraderie.

Too soon it comes to a close. The Saturday-night social hour begins in a few minutes. Then we'll eat, we'll dance, listen to speeches, play in the big band, tell more stories.

Then we'll pack up the gear, load the truck and meet in the lounge for goodbyes.

Out-of-town reunions always bring surprises, and our visit to Kansas City surprised us with new members from the Midwest, old members who drove from the West Coast and unexpected musical talents.

And, oh, the stories. I even heard a few about me. Shock. Awe.

I'll be back tomorrow with the news of tonight....

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