Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Getting Underway

Last night, rehearsal director John Branham
prepared diligently for today... did so many of us.
I now head downstairs for the beginning of the 2016 reunion of the Navy Musicians Association. This is the moment we've all been looking forward to for months.

The launch won't be without its hitches. If past reunions are any guide--and they are-- at 0900, MUs will be wandering around with coffee and chatter, tuning their trumpets and digging fairly-new reeds out of their alto cases. The ride cymbal will be in the wrong room and the first trombone part will be on the fourth trumpet stand.

We'll grumble and complain. And then we'll start swinging.

I'll be back throughout the day with more, but I've got to get going I thinking I hear the sound of bitching and moaning.,,

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