Tuesday, June 14, 2016

New for the 2016 NMA Reunion: The Slander Roll.

The NMA Slander Roll lists the names of MUs whose names come up in sea stories during measured periods of time. It is not intended to denigrate or criticize. The Slander Roll merely demonstrates that whether you attend the reunion or not, you are not forgotten. Far from it. Far, far, far from it.

Slander Roll #1 lists MUs who were mentioned by name during two 3-minute periods yesterday in the lounge and in a hired van on the way to the ballgame:

You Are Not Forgotten:
Rick Holdsworth
Nate Wilensky
Dave Weeks
Dale Vanderpool *
Gary Seitz
Michel Slaughter
Hymie Solano
Steve Rawson
Phil Greerson
Lee Hudson *
Rabbit Simmons
Jim Savage
Randy Martell *
* Asterisks denote MUs who are expected to attend but have not yet arrived and if they'd been here, would not find themselves listed on the Slander Roll

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