Thursday, June 16, 2016

Shipmates Today and Yesterday

Bob Montgomery joined us during our jam session last night. It was the first I'd seen of him this year, and it was great to hear him play again; Bob knows how to operate the alto saxophone.

After we finished, we said hi. I must have had a pensive look about me, because Bob asked, "What are you thinking about?"
Bob in his NMA dress blues in Virginia Beach.
So I told him. As much as I enjoy the music at our reunions, the real attraction is the shipmates. Some are old friends; last night I played a few tunes with Dale Vanderpool, whom I hadn't seen in--gulp--forty years. Some are friends I never met while on active duty. Bob Montgomery is, like me, a regular reunion attendee. I've come to know and respect him over the years, and he's become one of the many reasons I look forward to our reunions throughout the year.

And I'm always meeting new members. Terry McKenzie saved the day yesterday when bass players were in sort supply. In fact, I'm going downstairs to the registration room right now to see who has checked in. Some names on the roster will be old friends and some will be the names of friends I haven't met yet.

Corny? Well, if you think so, you haven't been to a reunion lately.

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