Saturday, June 24, 2017

2017 NMA All Hands Meeting : True Rumors

The 2017 General Membership meeting of the NMA went smoothly. We filed in, poured coffee, sampled the pastries and when we'd reached a quorum, excused our spouses from the room and got down to business.

With one exception, our Board of Directors was re-elected. We offered a hearty round of thanks to our Treasurer Cecil Strange, who has retired his position after 16 years of faithful and diligent service to the NMA.

In is place, Stephanie Rowland was elected Treasurer. Stephanie, a former Sea Chanter, is now the comptroller for the U.S. Navy Band. I'd say she's qualified to monitor our finances.

And, yes, it's now official:. For once the rumors proved to be true:
the 2018 reunion will be held here in Virginia Beach.
Because our "homeport" reunions are well-attended, they build up our treasury so that we can sometimes afford to travel to other cities.

The meeting concluded without bloodshed. Members are now on liberty until the evening's concluding dinner and dance.

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Unknown said...

Great to hear about next year in VABeach again!!