Monday, June 19, 2017

This is how it starts.

What I've actually seen around the
hotel so far is a lot of furniture,
This morning I saw David Blakeley from my hotel room which overlooks the lobby. But I wasn't dressed yet, so I haven't talked with him.

I also saw Cecil Strange down there, but haven't met him yet.

While heading out for a walk, my wife met up with David. She told me his wife isn't here yet. David said he'd text me.

I talked on the phone with Terry Chesson. He's coming to the hotel this afternoon, so I haven't seen him yet.

My wife saw TJ in the parking lot, but didn't talk to him because she didn't know who he was. I have spoken with TJ because when I was walking through the lobby, I did know who he was.

I have been to the registration room, but I didn't see any of the Debs because they're not here yet.

This is in no way boring. An NMA reunion is, to me, a lot like Christmas; it involves a lot of expectation and preparation. I've been here for two days, working out a few technical things, resting up, getting ready. More members will arrived today and the pace will pick up even as we await the official start of the reunion.

And there's David down in the lobby again. If I hurry, I'll catch him.

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Anita Roche' said...

So very sorry not to be there! Amazingly I now have had conversations with almost everyone mentioned in this blog! Eager to read more