Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Before the jam session starts...

We're winding up this busy pre-reunion day, getting ready for the pre-reunion night. Members have been pouring in all day and will continue to arrive even while we're having a pre-reunion jam session. Mike Vax says his plane gets in at midnight and he hopes we'll still be at it. We'll see. Taps seems come a little earlier in the evening than it used to.

And quite a day it has been. The lobby and registration room have been overflowing with MUs checking in, meeting each other and getting a head start on the story-telling. This pre-reunion day always presents me with the challenge of finding new angles, new ideas, new stories to tell in new ways.

And what I wand up with every year is photos of MUs and beer.
I could publish a coffee-table sized book of
photographs of Wilbur Smith in bars.

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