21 June 2017

To My Shipmates

To every present or former US Navy Musician who is not in attendance at the 2017 NMA reunion:

 I wish you were here.

At NMA reunions we renew old friendships and launch new ones. We pick up where we left off five or forty years ago,

A reunion is a time of fellowship. We share a common bond of service to our country, our Navy and to each other. These things are not quickly forgotten.

We share a love of each other's company, sometimes more truly than we did when we worked together, played together ate, slept and fought together,

We share these things through a camaraderie that is, for us, sea stories with musical accompaniment.

Maybe you can come next year. I hope so, but keep in mind that every parade has an end. You can only keep saying "Maybe next year" for so long.

Meanwhile, rest assured that even though you're not here, we're thinking about you. And we're talking about you. It's mostly good stuff. Some of it is slightly exaggerated. Actually, a lot of it is b**ls**t.

What else would you expect from a bunch of MUs?

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Dennis (aka Streak) said...

Greetings. I've been reading and viewing the Blog. Had dreams of a MU reunion last night and came up with most name during my tenure with the MU program (NTC, Orlando from 1971 - 1974). I've seen names and a few familiar photos during your Blog. I've just got to try and make next year. Do you have date and location yet? Dennis Stoll (Trumpet; Drum Major; Bus & Truck Driver)