Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Daily Poop - SUN18JUN17- A Scenic Drive. Sort of.

My wife and I arrived in Virginia Beach late yesterday. The last leg of our trip, Lewisburg, WV to Virginia Beach, VA was scenic. The scenery I refer to was, essentially, a license plate, VA plate VXR-427, on the back of the car in front of me that I stared at for the two hours it took to travel the last mile and a half before the Hampton Bay Bridge/Tunnel.

I live on the edge of an Illinois town a block from a cornfield. To me, a traffic jam is two tractors plowing the same 600 acres. You can imaging what Tidewater is like for me.

The saving grace is that once an NMA reunion gets going, there's not a lot of driving involved. There's too much going on, too much to do, stories, music, jam sessions, bull sessions. Things can only get better.

Today, wife and I will do some shopping, some sightseeing. Then we'll park the car for the last time until the whole shebang is over.

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Vaxtrpts said...

26 hours until I get on the plane in Phoenix. Looking forward to the reunion for sure. (Not the travel to get there, necessarily.)