Saturday, June 24, 2017

Sat. Afternoon: Going Dark

The live-blogging of the 2017 NMA reunion now goes dark for a spell.

We're suiting up for the closing banquet and dance. We'll celebrate our friendships, remember old shipmates and think about those good, difficult, rewarding and challenging days of service. Then we'll say goodbye for another year.

And in the morning, we'll get in cars and on airplanes and head home.

Amidst all the farewell frenzy, I will not have time to share more with you from Virginia Beach. I, too, will close down the lounge tonight and rev up the car tomorrow morning.

In a few days I'll be home and ready to share much more with you about this wonderful week. Until then:

Fair winds, following seas.


Unknown said...

Thanks for all you do, Frank, to keep us informed of the goings on. A big hello to Terry, Bob & Mel, Kim & Debbie, and all my former shipmates. Hope to see you next year... Rich Eastman

George Hand said...

Where will the reunion be next year?