Friday, June 26, 2015

Free Parking for Frank

As we toured the School of Music this morning, I took a moment to recall fond memories of my parking space. It's been taken over by someone else, the first sergeant, perhaps, but for years it was mine.

In 1980, I was chosen Staff Member of the Quarter, and deservedly so, I believe. The prize was a parking spot right in front of the building. It was a great perk for those of us who screeched into the staff parking lot ten seconds before morning colors.

Later in the year, I was upgraded to Staff Member of the Year, and again, deservedly so. The signage on my parking spot was upgraded to reflect my elevated status.

Then, the powers that be forgot about the this-and-that of the year, and the award was discontinued. Therefore, until I transferred a few years later, I kept parking in my royal parking spot, to the great chagrin of the Navy, Marine and Army staff that resented my glory.

What they didn't understand was obvious only to me: the Staff Member of the Year's parking spot was right outside the XO's office. The brass weren't honoring me--

They were keeping their eyes on me.

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Randy Pendleton said...

I have great memories of you being my bass student....especially your final "menu" of songs for your graduation!
Keep up the blog, and stay in the pocket.
Randy Pendleton