Thursday, June 25, 2015

Work as Well as Play

Wilbur Smith put the concert band to work today; long, detailed, productive work.

We're here for fun and camaraderie, but we take our music seriously. We want to do our best, given the brief time we spend together. So Smitty worked the band hard, along with Ray Ascione and Peter Graves, who are helping with the conducting duties.

 Smitty, of course, knew that only one Friday afternoon rehearsal remains. And there's much more to do; like any Navy band, we have reliable patriotic and military standards that need to be thrown into the mix. But the bulk of the work is done.

As an old MU carried his horn out of the rehearsal hall after rehearsal, I said, "Boy, you had a real workout this afternoon."

"Yeah, he said, "but that's why we came here."

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